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BRAZILIAN MUSIC ACADEMY (B.M.A.): Fred Carrilho was nominated to be a member of the Academy's list of 100 members composers for the last 500 years. Founded on July 14, 1945, by Heitor Villa-Lobos, it contains the largest collection of classical music in Latin America.
Most of Fred Carrilho's music pieces are available on his website, at the BMA and at Music Brasilis Instituion websites.
His music pieces are also contained in the collection of the Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (The Brazilian Guide on Contemporary Music) and the Central Library of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

CD&DVD single (EP) titled “FINDA-SE ESTE DIA" (Lyndhurst). The anthem was composed by Frederic William Blunt in 1871. The arrangement was made by Fred in December 2021. The recordings and productions was made between October/2022 and May/2023. 

CD&DVD single (EP) titled “JÚBILO”, Psalms 33:3 & 47 [TEHILLAH]. The recordings and productions was made between October/2022 and May/2023. 

New cd single titled “I'm Leaving to Thee, my Lord God”. The arrangement, for 7-string guitar and also 6-string guitar, was handwritten in December 2022, and recorded on 11th February 2023, between 01:15 and 01:40 am, of that day. The music piece is an Overture (The Symphony) BWV156 by the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The original title is “ICH STEH’ MIT EINEM FUB IM GRABE”. The piece was performed for the first time at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Leipzig on 23th January in 1729. The entire production art music process (recording, mixing, mastering, creation and graphic design of the cover art from the CD, etc) were made by the author.

"UNCTION OUVERTURE" (double CD): the most recent discographic album composed and recorded by Fred  - for Guitar, is a unique authorial art music work; the whole compact disc recording contains about 30 tracks and 100 minutes long. All conceptual, aesthetical and graphic work (cover art, bible references, costume design, photos, etc.), was conceived and idealized between 2016 and 2020 years.
EVENTVM VII was awarded on the Classical Composition Contest 2016/2017 by the Brazilian National Art Foundation [FUNARTE], Ministry Culture Department for Arts. The world premiered was performed during the XXII Biannual of Contemporary Brazilian Music 2016/2017. 

In 2019 Mr Carrilho released the CD and DVD single entitled “Mi Niño” - a hommage to the guitarist and composer Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gomes (Paco de Lucía).

The piece EVENTVM V (dedicated and performed by Percussion Duo Sá) for Percussion Duet was awarded, in October 2014, in the Classical Composition Contest by the FUNARTE (The Brazilian Ministry Culture Department for Arts). The world premiere happened in October 2015 during the XX Biannual of Contemporary Brazilian Music.

Mr Carrilho performed a Guitar Concert presenting his original compositions for guitar and arrangements of some of the most important and well-known Brazilian composers for the Guitar during Antonio Carlos Gomes Festival. The arrangements for guitar were specially prepared for the celebration evening concert in honor of Carlos Gomes. Among the works to be presented is:
- IL GUARANI [ Fantasia "MY LAND" ], extracted from the Opera themes]. The concerts are performed in September, at the Campinas city during the CARLOS GOMES Music Festival - the birthplace of the composer, and is a major cultural and artistic events organized by the Culture Department of City Hall of Campinas and Campinas Academy of Arts and Letters (ACLA).

The Brazilian Ministry Department for Culture, through the National Arts Foundation [FUNARTE], contemplated the artist in November 2014, with the Brazilian Composers DVD - a collection of world premieres held during the Brazilian Contemporary Music Biannuals Festivals.
Mr Carrilho released, in 2015, the single album titled ‘Amazing Grace’ – arranged and recorded in February/March 2014.

The Fred Carrilho & Hong Kong Guitar Orchestra Project was of a serie of pieces in world premieres. The repertoire as original as it was unpublished, consisted of the following pieces:

- In the first part of the evening concert, Mr. Carrilho presented works by his CD "EVERLASTING JOY" - the concert was performed in 18th April 2015 and was the first time that a guitar player performed in Asia/HONG KONG, guitar music composition works by some of the main Brazilian composers, in the history of Brazilian guitar. Both CDs were released in that continent where, after the Concert, there was sale of autographed CDs. In the second part of the Concert, there were the world premiere of the arrangement for the Guitar Orchestra of the piece titled Aria from Bachiana Brasileira N.5 by H. Villa-Lobos. Arrangement and performance: for the first time, since the piece was composed in 1939, this piece was arranged and performed by a Guitar Orchestra.

Containing 25 instruments in a new tuning system (created and developed by Mr John Kam), the musical work for Guitar Orchestra was conceived in 2010 and the composition ended in 2015. It was premiered and dedicated by the Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble at the Tsue Wan Town Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong.

The music piece BRASILESSÊNCIA was awarded in the Netherlands in the music composition contest promoted by NIEUW ENSEMBLE and world premiered in Amsterdam city during the GAUDEAMUS MUSIK WEEK (one of the main events of contemporary classical music in the World) at the MuziekGebouw Hall. The score is part of the collection and documentary of the Music Center the Netherlands. (Click to access the Video documentary)

Fred was awarded during the XIV Biannual Contemporary Brazilian Music Festival (2001) promoted by FUNARTE - National Art Foundation, Ministry of Culture, with the piece “O Despertar do Anjo” ("The Awakening of the Angel") for Guitar Duo.

He has made international recordings and concerts in countries such as Brazil, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, Germany, France, Poland, Corsica and Spain. Some of most recent events are: Fred Carrilho & Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble [Hong Kong, China], Girona Guitar Festival [Spain], JazzFest Brandenburg [Brandenburg, Germany], Recital “Guitarres Croissès” in Corsica [France]; recordings at Fredèric Chopin University, in Warsaw and in Garwolin [Poland] city where he also made presentations of his compositions.

Fred was the only one Latin American musician to participate in the Oregon Bach Festival Symposium for Composers, in Oregon, United States of America, where he made the world premiere of the piece titled EVENTVM I: “Journey to Eternity” for guitar and live electronics.

He was writer, arranger and transcriber for Cover Guitarra magazine, with distribution in countries as Japan, United States, Brazil and Portugal, where he presented the column “The History of the Guitar and Its Evolution”. He was also a columnist and arranger for the Guitar-Pro magazine where he presented music works, arrangements and articles on instrumental music for guitar.

The article "Interactive Musical Composition to Generalized Distribution based on Stochastic Process" was presented at the Iannis Xenakis International Symposium organized by the University of Athens, Greece in association with the University of Montpellier 3 (University Institute of France).

EVENTVM IIIfor clarinet, trombone, percussion, classical guitar and violin, was premiered at the XVI Biannual of Contemporary Brazilian Music (FUNARTE), in the Cecília Meireles Theater Hall.

PROFUSÃO-5 (Toccata) for Percussion Quartet was premiered during the XVII Biennial of Brazilian Contemporary Music by the DÍNAMO Percussion Quartet. []

Invited to participate in the recording of a CD, where he acted as a guitarist and electric guitarist, together with the composer and jazz pianist Marcin Malinowski, in the city of Warsaw, Poland, where the rehearsals and recordings were held. The CD was entirely recorded live in the studio during the 26th and 27th of August 2008.

The piece Aquarelle Suite for Piano and Trombone commissioned and world premiered in South America and Europe by Duo Henneberger-Amrein at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and at IGNM (Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik) in Basel, Switzerland.

The DVD "Corinthians Anthem", for solo guitar, is a tribute to Sport Club CORINTHIANS PAULISTA, elaborated for the Centenary celebration for the Football Soccer Team Institution. The arrangement, was specially composed and recorded for the occasion celebration. The DVD was recorded on 07th January, 2011 at Memorial Museum (SCCP), in Parque São Jorge / SP / Brazil.
In December 2012, he was invited to record his arrangement of the “Anthem of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista” for the Gazeta-TV, which was broadcasted for the Brazil and South America through the traditional Sports TV Show-Program, as a tribute to the conquest of the 2012 FIFA Interclub World Championship.

Interviewed for the music television channel, on the LBV's Television Network, “Music for Sublimation of the Spirit” , conducted by the composer and Professor Eduardo Escalante, broadcasted throughout the National Brazilian Territory; the content of which the interview and the recital is available on the web, here:

His artistic production relates to instrumental music, sacred and gospel music, electroacoustic music, multimedia works for dance and sound installations. He is also Teacher of: electric guitar, music composition and improvisation, music analysis, music arrangement, music theory, harmony, musical history, audition training for music and music reading score practicing. 


Academic education
  • Master in Music: UNICAMP (State University of Campinas) (specialization stricto sensu);
  • Bachelor in Music Composition and Conducting: UNICAMP;
  • Bachelor in Music, with qualification in Classical Guitar, by the Faculty of Arts Alcântara Machado (FAAM-UniFMU);
  • Professional graduation in Guitar: Music Conservatory, in Sao Paulo State, Brazil;
  • Professional graduation in Classical Guitar: Music Conservatory, in Salto city, Sao Paulo State, Brazil;
  • FAPESP scholarship holder for the master's research 'Stochastic Methods with Generalized Distributions for Music Composition', with the Music Department of the Arts Institute of UNICAMP.
  • Two Scientific initiation program (IC) in 2002 and 2003, under CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) support for coordinating efforts to improve the quality of Brazil’s faculty and staff in higher education through grant programs.
  • Publication of the thesis "Stochastic Process with Generalized Distributions for Musical Composition" under the guidance of Jônatas Manzolli and Adolfo Maia Jr., available at the Library of the Arts Institute of UNICAMP [Carrilho, Frederick de Jesus - C235m]; The electronic book [in .PDF], is available in Portuguese language. 
  • Published paper during “Interactive Musical Composition to Generalized Distribution based on Stochastic Process” in the “Iannis Xenakis International Symposium” organized by the University of Athens-Greece in association with the University of Montpellier 3 (University Institute of France);
  • Published paper during “Constructing Distributed Fretted Instruments for the Web” at the 5th Generative Arts ( at the University of Milan, Italy together with Jônatas Manzolli [Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Sound Communication] NICS-UNICAMP.

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;  

great is your faithfulness.

I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; 

therefore I will wait for him.”

The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;

Lamentations of Jeremiah 3:22-25

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